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Convenient patient management

Think about Cloudent as your personal assistant, who always helps you manage your clinic as smoothly as possible.  It guides you from scheduling through recalling to invoicing on a clear and transparent way with ease. 

Connect with patients

Cloudent fogászati szoftver atomatikus értesítések

At Cloudent, we know how important it is to keep in touch with your customers. One of the most important parts of any business is to inform the customer immediately on the right subject. Cloudent can handle personal messages automatically on a daily basis.


The easiest way to communicate with patients is to send email and SMS directly via Cloudent. Each touchpoint can be personalized and automated, so it is up to you to whom and when the notification message goes out to patients.


We are sure that your communication will be efficient and easy with calendar entries, callback reminders or SMS messages. This new innovative feature allows you to let the front desk staff really do just what is really needed.

Secure data storage

Cloud-based software stores all data securely. Calendar entries, patient data, reminders, x-rays, all with version control, are recorded in a world-class server environment. You can finally sit back in the armchair because there is no more pleasant feeling than knowing that your data is safe. Paper-based charts can be burned, discarded, modified, but the data stored on a server changes only if you wish.

Customer Experience

Phone calls, paper based administration, standalone calendar programs? The digital maturity of the millennium generation is far beyond our imagination. We need to progress with age and understand that young dentists and young patients are socializing on touch screen devices. They are expected to receive automatic email notifications and SMS reminders. For them, it's natural. At Cloudent, we understood the challenge of technology explosion and prepared for the change. Cloudent Dental Software has the latest innovative technology to meet the latest modern expectations.

Smart Calendar

Managing your calendar has never been easier!

You can manage multiple events in your patient's calendar. Whether it's a single-chair or a multi-chair dental office, Cloudent dental software has the solution for everything: a day view, a week view, a doctor view or even a team view. Forget the dental software where you have to click many times to access a specific function. Displaying a calendar embedded in a patient charting view will introduce a new era in reducing your administrative time.

Cloudent fogászati szoftver naptár

Smooth shift

Are you afraid that your existing dental software is difficult to switch from? Do not worry! Exporting and importing data is now easy thanks to modern technology

Understandable dental representations

Cloudent Dental Software has been tested by dentists for several months, so we assure you that you will not get an average IT software. All professional content and visual presentation will be right where you expect it.

Tested by dentists

It is important for us to refine and improve the software after every customer feedback. We dare to state that it is the easiest to use software on the market.

Transparent content

Thanks to its intuitive interface, patient data management is faster than using paper-based charting. We are sure because we tested it!

Try Cloudent software free

Start using it, registration only takes a few seconds. No installation fee. Try it free for 14 days.

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