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Cloudent Dental Software Prices

Start using the software for free for 14 days with your own practice access and choose a package later.



€ / month

Patients charting, make quotes, book appointments, and bill conveniently, all in one place.

1 doctor's calendar
Dentist calendar view
1 surgery
Unlimited device access
Unlimited users
Online Billing 

Analytics Basic
Free email notifications
SMS notification



€ / month

We recommend it to clinics with multiple surgeries where the entire team can work together seamlessly and transparently on a single system.

5 doctor 's calendar
Dentist & Team Calendar
Unlimited surgeries
Unlimited device access
Unlimited users
Online Billing
Analytics base
Free email notifications
100 free SMS / month
Multilingual quotes



€ / month

For larger clinics where you need a fully customizable but transparent system.

Unlimited doctor's calendar
Dentist & Team Calendar
Unlimited surgeries
Unlimited device access
Unlimited Users

Online Billing

Analytics extra
Free email notifications for 300 free SMS / month
Multilingual quotes

Each package also includes

Cloudent Dental Software has everything you need to easily manage and build your dental practice.

Lightning fast charting

With the unique InstantChart system on the market, charting has never been easier.

Mobile and Tablet access

Cloudent is accessible from all devices so you can always see what is happening in your clinic.

Access rights

Each employee can have separate access to the software, so you can decide who can access and see what.

Treatment plan creation

Prepare beautiful and transparent treatment plans for your patients, and increasing the number of offers accepted and your revenue.

X-ray and image upload

Have all your pictures of your patients in one place. Easily upload any photo to the patient's chart, even from a mobile phone


Cloudent Dental Software always ensures you comply with the law.

"I think today Cloudent is a continuously developing and forming software that can be handled quickly and easily. I recommend Cloudent to everyone. "

In many programs, the basic concept is faulty, tooth selection and treatment types can only be accessed if you navigate to other pages, and so in case of calendar entries, patient data, treatment plans are on separate pages. This slows down the work very much. Software vendors are usually open to customizing their software, but due to a faulty basic concept, they will not be more usable.
Finally, we decided to use Cloudent because we found this to be the most useful.

Laszlo Toth, manager,
Dentissimi Dental and Implant Centre 

Pricing related questions?

When the 14 day free trial period expires, what happens?

Option A: If you still want to use Cloudent with your own clinic, you just need to set up your monthly payment card details in the subscription settings menu and Cloudent will automatically deduct the amount from your credit card monthly. So, if you chose the STARTER package you will be charged
29  per month.


Option B: If you change your mind and don't want to use it, you have nothing to do. Your account will be automatically suspended after 14 days. Your data always goes through an encrypted channel so only you can access it. If you would like to delete all the information you have entered into us, please contact us via email or phone and we will initiate the process.

Is there a loyalty period?
None. Cloudent is a monthly billing service that you can cancel at any time.


Try Cloudent software free

Start using it, registration only takes a few seconds. No installation fee. Try it free for 14 days.

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