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Increase revenue with business analytics

What really matters to your dental software is the data that you can actually extract useful information from. That's what Cloudent Dental Software provides you with.

All data in one place

Say goodbye to paper-based analysis, lost emails and Excel. Leave the past behind and move into digital reality!


Cloudent Dental Software provides you with the data you need to measure the effectiveness of the clinic, sales, patient changes, or the most common treatments. Optimize your business and leave the math to your dental software!

Múlt hónap Bevétel Páciensek Lemondások Leggyakoribb kezelések Összes bevétel Átlagos napi bevétel 720.000 HUF 58.000 HUF Újonnan regisztrált páciensek Meglévő páciensek 38 87 Nem jött el Kezelés típus Egység Bevétel Injekció Fogkorona (MK) Új időpontot kért Összes páciens Napi átlag páciens 125 12 15% 65 36 45 000 Ft 12% 12% 6% 23% 16% 2 600 000 Ft 75% 100k sep 7 sep 8 sep 9 sep 10 sep 11 sep 12 sep 13 sep 14 200k 300k 400k 500k Az előző hónappal összehasonlítva Statisztikák

Compliance- piece of cake

With the advent of the digital world, government agencies have also reached the point where paper-based reporting obligations are coming to an end. Cloudent dental software can easily provide data to each official body. Just a few clicks and you're done.

Smooth shift

Are you afraid that your existing dental software is difficult to switch from? Do not worry! Exporting and importing data is now easy thanks to modern technology

Understandable dental representations

Cloudent Dental Software has been tested by dentists for several months, so we assure you that you will not get an average IT software. All professional content and visual presentation will be right where you expect it.

Tested by dentists

It is important for us to refine and improve the software after every customer feedback. We dare to state that it is the easiest to use software on the market.

Transparent content

Thanks to its intuitive interface, patient data management is faster than using paper-based charting. We are sure because we tested it!

Try Cloudent software free

Start using it, registration only takes a few seconds. No installation fee. Try it free for 14 days.

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