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Super efficient clinic

Working with dental software has never been easier! Cloudent Dental Software provides a simple and intuitive way to manage your entire workflow. It is easier to plan the day, the week and the month

Up to 40% less charting!

Digital charting is the future! We followed the “one page all” principle when designing the software, which means that you have to click as little as possible while charting, yet all functions are handy and accessible quickly. From charting display to billing. It's like having a piece of paper in front of you, just complemented by a wealth of digital possibilities.


Solve a complete treatment with three clicks? Possible! Cloudent Dental Software is designed to minimize the amount of time you need for charting. 

Cloudent fogászati szoftver páciens karton

Beautiful and transparent
treatment plans

There has never been such a complex, flexible and usable dental software on the market. You can create multilingual price lists, invoices and treatment plans, customize the documents you print, or even set up multiple currencies to meet your patient's needs unlimited.

Cloudent fogászati szoftver árajánlat készítés

Black belt patient management

The Cloudent design team has recognized the fact that every clinic and dentist is unique and everyone loves to run their clinic a little differently. There is no same customer. Therefore, each element of the software is fully customizable. Customized fields can be added to the patient's chart. What is the required field? What is the order of the input fields? Have an extra drop-down list? "Oh, unfortunately only a developer can do this!" - we hear the answer from other dental software developers many times. It's a thing of the past! Set up your Dental Software the way you've always wanted.

Smooth shift

Are you afraid that your existing dental software is difficult to switch from? Do not worry! Exporting and importing data is now easy thanks to modern technology

Understandable dental representations

Cloudent Dental Software has been tested by dentists for several months, so we assure you that you will not get an average IT software. All professional content and visual presentation will be right where you expect it.

Tested by dentists

It is important for us to refine and improve the software after every customer feedback. We dare to state that it is the easiest to use software on the market.

Transparent content

Thanks to its intuitive interface, patient data management is faster than using paper-based charting. We are sure because we tested it!

Try Cloudent software free

Start using it, registration only takes a few seconds. No installation fee. Try it free for 14 days.

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